Wednesday 30 July 2014

A last look from my window

Now that I am no longer there, I spend my time gently prying lose the tentacles that hold my emotions engaged to the time spent in Istanbul. I had the good fortune to have a window looking out on where the Bosporus meets the Golden Horn, and where the Golden Horn runs down the Sea of Marmara, past the Sultan’s Palace, past the Hagia Sofia, and past the Blue Mosque. Names that invoke mystery, and I got to look at them on a daily basis.

In the distance, the Asian side where the harbor of Haydarpasa and Kadakoy shine in the sun. Closer by, the shores of Uskudar, in front the Kiz Kelesi Tower. All day long, ships of all sizes would come and go, birds would fly over and, a few times, dolphins sped by on their way to the next feeding grounds.

My window painted a never still picture of light playing on water beneath ever changing skies. This constant presence inspired me to try my hand at a, for me, new form of poetry.

ON THE BOSPORUS: a collection of Haiku’s

Lacy spheres pulsing
Gelatinous rings below
The Bosporus calms

Floating cities
From the mists of Marmara
Tourists up above

Ships crossing pulsing
Birds skimming for tasty treats
Small boat keeps balanced

Skies sweet rose on blue
Golden light descending
Evening painter

Stirring up water
From Marmara they have come
Rising from the mist

Ships like city blocks
You never need to leave home
The future of tourism

Curtains of rain
Dark clouds tumble on darkening waters
Seagulls with silver bellies

Filigree of rain
Stringing water to dark sky
Birds soar like angels

And then it starts
Between dark sky and restless water
Streaks of lightning

Weather worn facade 
Torn curtain black with soot
Abandoned home 

Blackened curtain whips
From broken window
Shattered glass in worn down wood

Clouds rumble in
Water churns decisively
Boats keep rushing by

They keep rolling in
Clouds keep flashing like silver
Black egret shakes head

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